HASANZ Chair's Update to members

Craig Smith

Register listings open in December

The HASANZ Register for Health and Safety Professionals opens for listing mid-December for professionals who belong to an association that is a Full Member of HASANZ. The Register is a first for New Zealand and offers a unique opportunity to promote your services to a wider market. Of course, workplace health and safety professionals first have to meet the minimum professional requirements set by their HASANZ member association. Check these out on your association’s website!

The Register is a marketing tool to help people find you. Businesses are looking for workplace health and safety professionals with proven, relevant, knowledge and experience. You can’t be seen unless you are visible. The Register will open for business in March once 130 people are listed on it…we need a critical mass for it to work effectively.

Testing 1, 2, 3

We have completed a round of user acceptance testing (UAT) of the HASANZ Register with our member associations so that it meets your needs. As a consequence, a number of improvements have been suggested and we are working through these now. In addition, security penetration testing was undertaken by an external agency. While these tests have pushed out the go-live date for listing, we’re very happy with the rigorous process being followed to ensure we deliver a reliable and quality product to the market.

Free registration to HASANZ CONFERENCE 2018

HASANZ is making it attractive to register early. If you apply to list on the Register before 5pm, 31 January 2018 you’ll go into a prize draw for one of two free full registration packages to HASANZ CONFERENCE 2018. Valued at nearly $1300, the package includes attendance at the two-day conference, conference dinner and welcome reception. We will send out an alert to members as soon as listings open, so you can enter the draw. Meanwhile, please go ahead and gather the supporting information you need for your application.

Register ambassadors

Each association that is a Full Member of HASANZ has appointed HASANZ Register Ambassadors to assist you with the listing process and answer queries. There is loads of information on the HASANZ website about getting ready for the Register including FAQs and 10 steps to list so please check those out first before contacting your ambassadors.

Changes to HASANZ governance

The HASANZ Leadership Team has had a rethink of HASANZ’s governance arrangements, management structure and staffing. As HASANZ has now been in existence for three years, it is timely to consider the direction and resources required to take our organisation forward and ensure its future sustainability.

The Leadership Team has agreed to the following:

a Governance Committee consisting of Full Members of HASANZ will act like a Board, focusing on governance and strategic direction, with responsibility for approving the business plan, and risk management and audit of HASANZ, as well as ensuring the accountability of HASANZ management. It will meet quarterly.
a Management Committee comprising the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, together with other HASANZ Full Members as the Governance Committee determines, will work directly with the Executive Director (see below) to deliver the HASANZ business plan and manage HASANZ’s finances and staff
the Independent Chair’s role is being redefined to focus on governance
the creation of an Executive Director role combining management responsibilities with strategic oversight of HASANZ
a Business Manager will be appointed in the new year to look after day to day administration.
The appointment of the Executive Director and new HASANZ Chair have been planned to facilitate a smooth transition to the new HASANZ structure in April 2018. These changes mark the start of an exciting stage in HASANZ’s evolution and signal a new level of maturity and its growing independence.

Executive Director recruitment

HASANZ recently advertised the position of Executive Director with applications closing on 24 November. We had a good response, with 20 applications received from a wide range of candidates. An appointment panel comprising myself, HASANZ Secretary Marion Edwin (HFESNZ) and Treasurer Rachel Lilley (PNZ OHPG) will oversee the selection process. We are looking for someone with the skills and vision to take HASANZ to the next level.


Last month we released the results of the first HASANZ Survey of Health and Safety Professionals, conducted in partnership with PwC. You will have received an email from me via your Leadership Team representative outlining the top takeouts. I hope you’ve had a chance to read the full (short!) report by now. It’s always interesting to know how our customers see us and, with a survey sample exceeding 700 people, the collective view is a valid one!

The survey is another first for New Zealand led by HASANZ and will provide an annual measure of “how we’re doing” as a sector, and act as a benchmark to reflect on the impact of the Register. The findings will help us improve the capability and capacity of health and safety professionals.

John Green workshops

It was disappointing for HASANZ to have to cancel the Safety II workshops with Dr John Green, due to circumstances beyond our control. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this. However, we’re very pleased to announce that Dr Green is available to be a keynote speaker at our conference next year.

HASANZ CONFERENCE 2018 – Raising the bar

HASANZ CONFERENCE 2018 is set to “raise the bar” for health and safety professional CPD from 5 to 7 September next year at Te Papa in Wellington. We’re working on another brilliant programme and line-up of speakers. Keep the dates free and we’ll keep you posted!

Craig Smith

HASANZ Independent Chair