EMA now approved to deliver L6 H/S Diploma Courses



The Employers’ and Manufacturers Association is pleased to announce it has recently gained NZQA programme approval and accreditation to provide the New Zealand Diploma in Workplace Health and Safety Management (level 6).

The EMA team have been involved in the development of this new qualification since its concept and
are pleased to be the first training institute to deliver it via a classroom based experience. 

The New Zealand Diploma in Workplace Health and Safety Management (Level 6) has been developed to enable graduates to influence the implementation and integration of effective workplace health and
safety management systems in organisations across a variety of New Zealand sectors.

Graduates will be able to contribute to their workplace’s healthy and safe environment, utilising their
specialised workplace health and safety technical and theoretical knowledge by communicating the
benefits of a safe workplace and influencing a proactive health and safety culture.

In addition, graduates will be able to analyse and generate solutions to familiar and unfamiliar problems, select and apply a range of standard and non-standard processes relevant to their workplace, demonstrate responsibility for the leadership of others, and manage their own learning and
performance in dynamic contexts.

Finally, the knowledge and skills gained by participants will be transferrable across sectors, industries,
and communities.

Graduates will have skills and knowledge that are portable, will benefit New Zealand
workplaces, their communities, families and whanau by leading and influencing the design,
implementation and maintenance of healthy, safe and productive work environments.

For more information including programme application forms and dates, venues etc. please contact

Joe Boyle
Training Portfolio Manager – Health and Safety