Prompts for planned returned to work post Covid19 being lifted.

This document was prepared by Andy Loader, Board Member.


Assessment Questions






1. Has the site conducted a risk assessment in relation to COVID-19 risks and developed systems or procedures to minimise the risk of persons contracting or propagating the virus?





02.  What screening process is in place for persons entering the site? Are there any restrictions on entry in place?





03.  What hygiene and PPE requirements have been implemented to manage the risk of contracting or propagating COVID-19? Including:

  • Cleaning of Offices, lunch-rooms,
  • Cleaning of vehicles and equipment.




04.  What social distancing controls do you have in place to manage the risk of contracting or propagating COVID-19?

  • Traveling in vehicles
  • Lunch-rooms and mealtimes
  • Offices
  • Workshops
  • Operators cabins
  • Shift meeting and start times
  • Car-pooling or travel arrangements to and from work
  • Supply or delivery drivers




05.  What operational changes have been implemented to minimise the risk of contracting or propagating COVID-19? i.e. working remotely and minimising the number of touch points (operator controls, keyboards, control rooms, doorways)




06.  What controls are in place if a worker is identified or self identifies as having signs of contracting COVID-19 or potentially been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19? This includes quarantining and cleaning of potentially exposed equipment and workplaces.




07.  What controls are in place to trace workers interaction in relation to suspected COVID-19?




08.  Does the site have adequate supplies to implement their controls? i.e. PPE, wipes, sanitiser




09.  How does the site communicate requirements and changes to the workforce and other persons entering the site?




10.  What controls has the site implemented to minimise the risk to persons identified as high risk in relation to contracting COVID-19?






4. Controls documented and implemented.

3. Evidence controls implemented but not documented.

2. Controls documented but not implemented.

1. Controls not documented and not implemented.