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About Us

The NZ Safety Council Trust (CC32261) was established in 2002 to promote Best Practice in Health & Safety Management and Environmental Protection in all aspects of New Zealand life. We will raise standards and promote discussion through our Website and H&S Advisers, who will comment on current issues. We provide free Health & Safety Advice and Information.

Our Trustees

Roanna Carran, RSP, Toniette Salt  RSP. Rene Darrier, RSP 

Board Members:

John Beattie MNZSC, RSP, , Kevin Thompson MNZSC, RSP, Phillip Tse MNZSC, RSP,  Syd Sykes MNZSC, RSP,  Roana Carran, MNZSC, RSP, Jodi Wright,MNSC, RSP, Andy Loader MNSC, RSP, Anthony Stephenson, MNZSC BE(Melb), ME(Auck), FCQI,